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Question: In 1960 how much did it cost to join The Bobby Rydell Fan Club. What did you receive?

Answer:  Not sure if I joined in ‘60 or ’61 but believe it was $1.00 and I received a black and white photo of Bobby autographed in blue marker pen.Left-handed of course !!

Winner: Diane Bauman

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Question: Where was this photo taken?   Hint:  It is a very famous arena

Answer: Hollywood Bowl. 50 of our first correct guesses won prizes!


Question: The Golden Boys Show has always consisted of Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon and Fabian. There was one summer tour where one of the "Boys" was unable to perform due to a movie commitment. Who was it ?....and who took his place for the summer tour?

Answer: Lou Christie replaced Frankie Avalon

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Contest - 11/29/11

Question: Where was the high school scene filmed in "Bye Bye Birdie?"

Answer: Hollywood High

11/29/11 Winner: Nathalie "Nockie" Taylor from California

Check out YouTube for clues

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Contest - 9/18/11

Question: In 1964 Linda Ferrino Hoffman (Bobby's fan club president) appeared on The Mike Douglas Show with Bobby. What song did Bobby sing to her??? Hint it was NOT one of his gold records, but was from one of his albums....

Answer: The song was "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" (From Bobby's first album, Somebody Loves You, on Capitol Records)

10/17/11 - Winner: Allen Hinds!

 Contest -7/26/11

Question: Which of the characters in this movie do you think BOBBY said would play himself, Frankie & Fabian if this were movie were about them??  

9/18/11 - Winner: Lynn Fogle is the winner! 

Answer: She correctly answered:

Bobby - Bruce Dern
Fabian - Rip Torn
Frankie - David Carradine<

Contest - 7/12/11

3-part question!

1) Who is in this photo with Bobby?  Donna Loren  

2) what show is it from?   The Milton Berle Show  

3) What year? 1966

Winner:  Brad Saiontz  Austin, TX


New Contest - 3/30/11

Question: On the record "We Got Love", who are the back up singers? 

Answer: The Ray Charles Singers
5/8/11 - Winner: Mimma Correnza, Melbourne, Australia

New Contest - 2/15/11

When Bobby was in high school, what was his position in the school band?

3/30/11 -Winner is: Diane

Answer: Sergeant of the drums

  New Contest - 1/24/11

What was Bobby's first car?  Name, style and color??

2/3/11 -CLUE:  Bobby recorded a song with the body style of this car in the title!

2/15/11 - Winner is: Janice Gates of Kentucky correctly answered.... 

Answer: It was a Pontiac Bonneville!

2nd Place was Darrell Fish of Ohio - Prizes going out to you soon.

  New Contest - 4/26/09

In the 1960's Bobby's Fan Club chapter presidents were nicked named "prexies." 

1) What did this nick name stand for?
2) Who gave them this nick name? 

6/26/10 - Winner is: For the first time in this web site's history we had to award a winner who made the most effort in his guess - no one guessed completely correct. Our prize went to Darrell Fish from Astabula, Ohio

Answer: The nickname "Prexie" was affectionately given Bobby's (Chapter) Fan Club Presidents by his first manager, Frankie Day. It stood for a combination of "President" and "Sexy". All of us Prexies recall Frank as a dear sweet man who treated Bobby's crazed fans with respect & kindness.

 New Contest - 1/16/09

Who is the deep voice at the top of "I DIG GIRLS"  saying...  "Man....I sure dig girls!"  ??
 (Thanks Bobby for contributing this one yourself!)
Here's a clip of Bobby performing "I Dig Girls" vintage 1959 

3/16/10 Answer: Frankie Day was the deep voice voice at the top of the song "I DIG GIRLS"   (Frankie Day was Bobby's first manager)

Winner is:  The Great Phil Gelormine of Somerville, NJ correctly guessed this answer!! Good job Phil.

Contest - 8/28/09

YouTube clip  

Question: Watch the YouTube clip and answer the following question: Question: Bobby did this promotional record for Steel Pier in Atlantic City back in the 1960's.  This 45 record [now a collector's item]  was sold on Steel Pier.   How much did Steel Pier charge for it?

 1/16/10 Answer:  It was sold for 25 cents on Steel Pier

Winner is:   Ken O'Brien from Saugerties, NY

8/13/09 Question: - Who is this guitarist? He is now part of the Golden Boys Show.

Hint his father and uncle are recording artists from the same era as the Golden Boys.

  8/28/09 Answer: Mary Ann Morelli of Sewell, NJ was first to tell us that is Edan Everly ...... Don Everly's son...and Phil Everly's nephew.  Edan is now a part of the Golden Boys show and one heck of a musician!

5/2/09 Question: - Where was this photo taken of Bobby and Ann Margret?

8/8/09 Answer: The winner is Bonnie Bostrom of Plainville, Ct who knew that this photo was taken at the London England Premier of Bye Bye Birdie

3/14/09 - Question: When asked why so many South Philadelphians went on to become famous, Bobby has said that in Philadelphia there was the water trough -- if you put your feet in it, you become a dancer and if you drank from it you became a singer.     What is the location Bobby has often mentioned?

5/2/09 Answer: 9th & Dickenson  was correctly answered by Nina Tan 

Question: Cameo Records only released one (true) stereo 45 record for Bobby Rydell.  What was the record??

3/14/09 Answer: Bobby Arsenuk of Woodstock NY knew the answer was "That Old Black Magic"


Question: Who does this license plates belong to?

Answer: The license plate belongs to Sandy Courtright, Bobby's wonderful Fan Club Vice President!

Winner: Pat McHugh of Maysville, KY 


Question:  Guess correctly what year and the location this concert took place. 

Answer: The concert took place in Bristol, England in 1963

Winner: Mark New of Hillsborough, NJ 


Question: What song is Bobby singing in this picture???

12/3/08 Answer : Bobby is singing "We Got Love" ...."three (3) million kisses ....for (4) only you...

And the Winner is: John Weitzner of Chicago IL. John won a DVD of "Wild about Bobby" [A&E's TV profile on Bobby's career] and a vintage American Bandstand trading card, featuring Bobby!


Question: Who is this lovely lady?? Teen magazines from the 1960's said she and Bobby were and "item." She starred in one of the biggest family TV shows of the day & was in a hit series in recent years. Who is she & what were the names of the TV shows she starred in?

And the winner is: M. Lewis of Woodbury NJ was the first to correctly identify our mystery lady as none other than the lovely Shelly Fabares!

Question:   Who is the girl in the photo with Bobby?? What was her most famous hit single? Hint: She worked for a few years touring with "The Golden Boys" as the lead back up singer

8/13/08 ~ The Winner is: Jeff Holst of Blackwood, NJ

Answer: Dodie Stevens/Tan Shoes & Pink Shoelaces

7/12/08 ~ Question : The Two part question!!!

1) What was the name of the character that Bobby played in a recurring role on the Red Skelton Show?

2) How was this character "related" to another main character in the show?

 Answers ~ 1. Zeke Kadiddlehopper
2.Cousin to Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton's character)

Winner : Barbara J. McMillan

June 7, 2008

Question: "What major motion picture did Bobby screen test for that eventually went to Dustin Hoffman"

Answer: the screen test was for the movie "The Graduate" - the role of course famously went to Dustin Hoffman.

The Winner is:  Joe Miceli of Baltimore, MD was the first correct answer 


In his caricature titled "Yell for Rydell," Disney artist Shawn McHugh depicted the likeness of WHO as the cheerleader???

And the winners are:

Bonnie Bostrom of Plainville, CT &

Joyce Takemori of Aieka, Hawaii

Answer to our "who is the cheerleader" contest:

The cheerleader depicted in Shawn McHugh's fabulous caricature is none other than Bobby's longtime Fan Club President - Linda (Ferrino) Hoffman!! Hints were in the photo gallery "Linda Hoffman photos" Keep an eye out for our next fun contest soon. 


New Contest


This clip is from a TV Pilot that Bobby did for Desilu Studios. Bobby's Pilot was called "Swingin' Together" --- The pilot was reworked into another version, not including Bobby. What famous TV show did Bobby's pilot evolve into ??

The Answer is: 

The Partridge Family. 

Winner: Allene Macklin from Santa Ana, CA

The winner of the "dad's" contest is Christine Greco of Bell, California. 

She correctly guessed the Father's as 
Domenic Forte (Fabian's Dad/on the left ) and Al Ridarelli (Bobby's Dad/on the right).

Contest winner Christine Greco shows off her prize - a Bobby Rydell Fan Club sweatshirt!

Guess correctly what show this clip is from (circa 1960) and win one of Bobby's personal stage shirts!   

Hint:  It's NOT from  American Bandstand.

Additional "hints" will be given on this toughie until someone wins! 


Answer   Swingin' Together

The Winner : Caroline Cardiel of Bell, CA is the winner 

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