Bobby & Linda's 2nd Wedding Anniversary, Jan. 17, 2011 at Bootleggers in Las Vegas

Bobby & Linda host a fabulous party at Bootleggers in Las Vegas after Bobby's 3 night run at The Orleans Casino

Linda & Jake Hoffman and Laurie Youschck

Linda & sister Debbie Hoffman

Sharing a laugh with friends

Dennis Bono, Clint Holmes & Bobby

Bobby & his lifelong friend & assistant Linda Ferrino Hoffman

Dennis Bono and Bobby ham it up at the after party in Bootleggers main room

Bobby sits in with the house band at Bootleggers

The two Linda Hoffman's with their husbands, Bobby & Jake

Let the party begin!


Wedding bells rang in Las Vegas on January 17, 2009 for Bobby and the lovely Linda Hoffman.


Contrary to several news reports, Bobby’s new wife is NOT the same Linda Hoffman who is Bobby’s dear friend, longtime fan club president and web site coordinator

Bobby's friend, Linda Hoffman, Bobby and his bride, Linda Hoffman  

The 2-Linda’s have crossed paths for 25 years.  They lived in the same town, had the same doctors, dentists, jewelers and shopped in many of the same stores – where their records would continuously be misplaced in one another’s files for many years.  Each knew of one another’s existence but had never met, it got to be a joke it happened so often!  Additionally, wife-Linda would mistakenly receive phone calls meant for fan club- Linda, who had an unlisted phone number.  Mostly they were fans looking for a Bobby Rydell CD or autographed picture.  Wife- Linda thought they meant Bobby Darin and said “isn’t he dead?”  Fans set her straight!  Finally, a series of several more bizarre circumstances culminated where the two-Linda’s eerily met in wife-Linda’s place of employment, far from the small town where the two lived. 

Fan-club Linda told wife-Linda “maybe someday we’ll figure out why this is happening.”  

 In 2007 a mutual friend of wife-Linda and Bobby’s tried to fix them up.  Bobby thought he was speaking of his friend and fan club president, long married herself. There was immediate magic when the two met.Friends say it’s meant to be. 

The small, private ceremony took place in Las Vegas at the fabulous Bootleggers Bistro on the South Strip where love and happiness for the couple filled the hearts of everyone at the touching service. The Bootleggers Bistro is owned by  Commissioner, Lorrainne Hunt-Bono, wife of Bobby's longtime friend, Dennis BonoA fabulous gourmet reception followed the ceremony that was warm and wonderful, reflective of Bobby and Linda themselves.  

The beautiful bride, Linda Hoffman and Lorraine Hunt-Bono

 Among others, the wedding was attended by good friend and fan club president Linda, Frankie & Kay Avalon and 3 of their children.  Lorraine Hunt-Bono and husband Dennis Bono, Maria Colameco of  Media,PA,  longtime friend and coworker of the bride was Maid of Honor.  Best Man was Bobby’s musical director and close friend, David Kovnat.  They were married by Charlotte Richards of A Little White Chapel.  Among others, Richards also officiated at the weddings of Frank Sinatra & Bruce Willis and Brittany Spears. 

The room is set for the happy day

John & Dina (The Avalon's daughter & son in law), Frankie & Kay Avalon

The groom wore a sedate pin-striped suit for the occasion, while the bride donned a dove grey dress which showcased her white calla lily bouquet. 



Say hello to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Rydell! 


Dave & Denise Kovnat, Dennis & Larraine Bono, Bobby & Linda Rydell, Frankie & Kay Avalon and maid of honor, Maria Colameco


Maid of Honor Maria Colameco, Linda & Bobby, Best Man David Kovnat

Bobby and his buddy Frankie Avalon share a hug on the big day

Dennis Bono, popular singer and radio host & old friend of Bobby & Frankie

Bobby, Linda, Charlotte Richards, Frankie & Kay 

Frankie, Charlotte Richards and Bobby


Ummm that Red Velvet cake was so good

The garter tradition, always fun

The Girls and the Garter

Leaping piano players!

The garter was caught by Ray Kinetsky, Frankie Avalon's Conductor and Bobby's good friend -- Hey girls, Ray is very single!

A jubilant groom!  

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